Free Test VPN Server

Server Ip:
Login: test
Password: test (Daily Changed)

Ipsec public key: vipvpn (required for ipsec type)
Server mode: PPTP or L2TP+Ipsec
Server Country: US

Our servers:

Country Server name Price Multi double VPN
ru RU 1 $5/month Available Buy
us US 1 $5/month Available Buy

With VipVPN you will have

  • Unblock Sites blocked in your Country (For UAE, China etc)
  • US or European IP
  • 100% Security - 2048 bit Traffic Encryption
  • 100% Anonymity - No Logs
  • 50% Less Traffic - Data Compression
  • Multi DoubleVPN
  • Windows VPN / OpenVPN Support
  • Connection Will be Secured for all Programs, not like Proxy

Your traffic could be stolen

All Your Transmitted Data Could be Stolen

  • Through Wi-Fi
  • By Other LAN Users
  • By Internet Provider Admins, All Pages are logged logged
  • In Internet Cafe's, Public or Hotel HotSpots